Movie Synopsis:
Hiroto witnessed his fiancée, who worked in the same company as him, having an affair with his boss, and subsequently quits his job. The double trauma of losing his love and his job made him jealous of any man happier than him. This jealousy spawned a desire for revenge, and so he began catfishing on a dating website. On this site, he pretends to be a cute girl, scamming different kinds of men for money.
One day, a foreign student named Wang falls hard for Hiroto’s act as the girl, and he felt unease in his heart, thinking about all the happy people that had been deceived by his lies. After much tossing and turning, Hiroto felt guilty about all that he had done to deceive such an innocent person, and so he plans to apologize to the sutdent . However…
After this incident, Hiroto is prepared to change his ways, find a normal job, and emerge from the dakrness…

婚約者に裏切られ人間不信になったヒロト。彼の憎悪は出会い系のサクラとして、人々を不幸に陥 れてゆくという道を選ぶのだった。騙す事に快感を覚えつつも、心のどこかでは満たされない。ある日、ヒロトは一人の留学生に出会う。この出会いはヒロトにどのような変化をもたらすのか...。



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